Episode 1 is the very first episode of academy sugoi seiun :3

watch episode 1

it has some super great parts to introduce the story!!!!

what happens in this episode Edit

(After she explains what is goin on) When the episode starts it has Sakura-nyan in her bedroom!

Alarm clock

the alarm clock that woke her up

She was sleepin' and then the alram clock went off to wake her up :3

So she get's out of bed (but only after mom tells her too lol) and she runs to teh teleporter 2 school.

at the same time Kumo-kun is watching her


kumo kun watchin sakura nyan go to school

Sitting in front of akihiko kun

sakuran nyan was sitting in front of akihiko

Sakura-nyan is walkin through the hallway at school when Ruko talks to her for a bit before she goes to class to.

Sakura goes to class and the teacher says itss ok that she is late because other peopel are late every time like Itachi who shows up and winks at sakura nyan (so adordable :3)

the teacher tells her to sit in front of Akihiko-kun and she does

1 hour later the class is over and sakura is walking and thinkin about how great it was when itachi kun winked at her, but suddenly kumo appears and tells her that she is a mahou!!!

the evil minion of nae-san attacks them in the school and cracks the glass on the space station (but it didn't break all through it so its ok)

Episode 1 mahou nyan

mahou sakura nyan and kumo after they defeat the bakemomo!

the monster attacks akihiko and sakura transforms into her mahou form to defeat it and save akihiko!

then kumo kun is mean to her :( but its ok because now sakura is a mahou! :3