episode 2 has a new opening and new cool things happen in it!

watch the episode here!!!!

what happens in the episodeEdit

The episode starts w/ Sakura-nyan explainin what happens in the last episode and then it does the opening (the second one)

Sakura walking

sakra walking down the road

After that sakura nyan is walking around the city with kumokun and they are going aroundd when suddenly itachi shows up!!

he wants her to... hang out w/ him?!?! that's super surpiring to sakura but she says yes so they go to the carnvial


them together at the canival

after they do that a new monster appears and attacks them! so kumo shows itachi that... he is also a mahou!!!

he is really confusd but he tranform to help sakura fight themonster but they both get beat

suddenly everything goes really dark...

its kuro!!!!!

Kuro kun

kuro kun!!

kuro kills the bakemono with a single attack and it dies.

then he leaves and kumo tells itachi what a mshou is,

the end!