Episode 3 was released on the 29th of May! Go watch it here!

What Happens in the EpisodeEdit

As usual, Sakura-nyan explains what happened last episode.

Kumo-kun tells Sakura that he has located the next mahou they need to find, which Sakura is really excited to hear about.

They return to the academy and run into Ruko-senpai. She tells Ruko that she's excited about finding the new mahou. Unfortunately, Sakura-nyan doesn't know who it is.

Sakura and itachi phone call

She calls up Itachi-kun to ask him to fight a bakemono, but he's too busy studying, so she decides to fight one herself.

Kumo and Sakura summon a monster by Sakura transforming into a mahou. After she transforms, they summon a monster.

Sakura-nyan gets hurt, and Ruko-senpai rushes in to see if she's alright. Sakura asks Ruko to fight the monster, and Ruko transforms into a mahou!

Mahou Ruko

She kills the bakemono and Sakura-nyan is really surprised that Ruko is a mahou! Sakura asks her if she'd like to join, and Ruko agrees.

After the fight, Sakura, Itachi and Ruko meet up to discuss the future of their mahou group. Ruko suggests a name for the group, but Itachi says "No, that's dumb". Then Sakura-nyan suggests "Super Mahou Sentoryoku no kyou Katana", which the group agrees on.

At the end, we see a mysterious figure (Yukiko) and her companion plotting against the group of mahous...